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New Pokemon App on Mobile? [Pokemon Quest]

credit to tumblr
Assalamualaikum, everyone!

I'm not that hardcore Pokemon fan but I do know some of the Pokemons though. Well, I don't have any handheld console to play Pokemon for now. Maybe I'll buy one after SPM though, the Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon series. Back to the topic.

Pokemon has been a very big influence everyone since the Kanto Gen. Now, it's been over 2 decades since the Pokemon released and now it launched it's another Pokemon game on mobile entitled Pokemon Quest. It's about we went to this cube-like island called Tumblecube Island. The island is filled with a lot of wild Pokemons from different types. How to catch 'em all? We will make some stews to lure the Pokemon to come to our base camp and befriend with 'em. The higher quality the stew we make, more expeditions we should do to kill the time.

I look up all the recipes for all types of Pokemons (includes Legendary Pokemons) hereor you guys can try searching on Google too. I hope the ga…

Poem: Hero in Me

Shivering as the wind blows
How should my life goes?
That doesn’t stop me from trying new
Is it just me that is weird
For acting like an adventurer seeks treasure

Doing this and that
I’m not happy actually as time goes by.
Doing this and that
I’ve been thinking to myself, “Will I survive?”

Sometimes I just want to end this and starts again
All the humiliations I got aren’t make me weak
But it makes me strong again
And I shouldn’t slack of it

But whenever I tried
I feel at loss
I feel like I’m not worth it,

I do seeks help
But no one came
Not even someone with a cape like Superman would help me

I always slap my face and tell myself that
Life isn’t a fairy-tale like
How a prince came to wake up a princess by giving a kiss
That ain’t happening.

These past years of having anxiety and depression
I learnt a lot
Seeking help doesn’t mean from a superhero
But sometimes we are a hero in ourselves.

Friends are only come and go
Only true friend will stay until the end
Being understandin…