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Poem: A Necklace of Memories

Walking along the river Lonely and broken
Crying with no reasons
Just to get attentions

Hearing steps further away
Wipe my tears off I go
You grab my hand
Pull me into your embrace

I heard your heart beating fast
I was calm and speechless
I looked into your eyes
Smiling the pain for me

I may not see you in the future
You still in my heart forever
"Everything's gonna be okay babe"
You tied a necklace before we left

I will remember all the memories
Thank you for everything
You sent me to the airport
And give one last kiss on my forehead

Will meet you again, my prince ♥

Poem: Take Me Away

Dear Prince ...
You are the thief who stole my heart ...
You flirt with your eyes and caught my attentions ...
You grab my hand and drag me away ...

Poem: Dark Rose

Love is like a rose
It has many beautiful petals
Even it has sharp thorns
We still pick it even it hurts

Lonely resembles dark
No one will notice
A person got a spark
In a very dark place

You see me smile in light
In a very happy mood
Never notice my tears at night
Almost suicide under the moon

Being ignored, being unknown
I used to be like this
I'm just no one as you know
Nobody notice me exist

-xoxo, Balqis