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Poem: Heart In The Sky

Love is like the clouds in the sky, Showing the wind blows breezely,
The sun shines brightly.

The sky is full of clouds.
The birds fly in the sky.
Finding something that's important.

I let go the balloon,
It flies into the sky,
Where does it go?

You don't know where am I,
But I know where you are,
Because I follow my heart towards you.

When I look at the sky,
I always remember someone special,
And that is you!

Do you know why bird always fly in the sky?
If you look at the bird in the sky closely,
It looks like a heart shape.

If you wish to fly like the bird,
You may see a treasure chest.
You will find a heart in it.
Please take care of it for me.

If I wouldn't exist in this world,
Please promise me you wouldn't cry.
Just look at the sky and smile,
Because my heart will never gone.

Please always remember me when I'm gone, because I love you!