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Poem: suicidal

Silent night has come It comes back again To haunt me
I couldn't speak I couldn't scream I couldn't cry
All these nightmares are scaring me All these monsters are trying to kill me I really need help
I'm suffocating I don't feel like to be alive I don't deserve this
"Everything's gonna be fine" "Don't say like that" "Think about God"
Those words are starting to scare me lately I rather keep these pain inside me I rather suffer alone
Every thing that I see I could imagine some ways to do it The fan, the ceiling, the fork Every. Single. Item.
Here I am Staring blankly at the wall I wish I could just hit my head until it bleeds
I've been fighting with these monsters for years I'm getting weak I lied to everyone that "I'm fine"
I literally told everyone that I'm on diet But when I think about it I'm actually starving myself to death
Death, suicide, pain, isolation Those words have become norms to m…
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Poem: dear heart

Dear heart,
Aren't you tired of falling in love?
It's been over and over again
None of them care about you
Please, snap out of it!
Things have changed over the years
You need to move on, dear
Everything is just a temporary
I'm sorry for putting you through this
I know it's hard to find
Someone that truly loves you
Someone that will care about you
It doesn't matter if he's not good-looking
I'm sure that someone will protect you

Dear heart,
Do you still have the scars from years ago?
I know you try to act nothing
But you still keep those feelings of memories
That haunts me every single day.
You always make me feel overwhelmed,
Anxious and desperate
Over something that I didn't think that it's possible for me to do it
I know you're tired of the pain
I'm also tired
Tired of the memories
I try to forget about it but you don't
And it frustrates me a lot
Yet I don't want to argue with you

Dear heart
I want to let you know
That this too shal…